Our puppies will be bred in our house; they will have permanent contact with people, children and dogs. They will be vaccinated, wormed and they will be given chips.

Things they will get leaving their home
- food they like
- a towel smelling after their mum, brothers and sisters
- European  passport, which is as well the certification of vaccination
- many tips for a new owner
- and a bonus - the horoscope of your puppy according to the date of his or her birth

We sell our puppies only to serious people; we do not sell the whole litter to one client. Our puppies will have the certificate of their origin and also a purchase agreement. We are happy to give lots of advice and to be in contact with a new puppy’s family.

4th and 5th April our Leah – Sofie was going to have babies with the handsome BH male dog Chianti z Vrhu Králů (Džasty). Chianti is Slovak Grand Champion, Slovak Beauty Champion, Club Slovak Champion, Bohemian, Moravian and Silesian Club Champion, Slovak Junior Champion, Hungarian Junior Champion, Top Cavalier of Slovak 2010 and the best Blenheim.

On the second of  May it was confirmed that Sofia is going to have puppies, more then two.

We accept demands from client.