About Us

Our small breeding station is situated in Oslavany town which is located 25 km northwest from Brno in beautiful valley of the river Oslava. The name of our station is connected with the first female cistercian monastery in Moravia that was founded in 1225. The monastery  called “Maria Valley” was supported by the King Přemysl Otakar I st  who gave it many privileges.

Our dog girls live with us in a family house. They have got nice friendship with Arlen, golden retriever female who is in retirement age. Both girls are very sociable, they are happy to see new visitors in our house, they like walking in nature, going shopping and going for holiday. We love them and they give the same amount of love back to us.

Let’s introduce Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Do you want a dog that is elegant, beautiful and will be admired by everybody?
And at the same time do you want a good sportsman that love long walking? In this case the cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the best dog for you.
Cavalier is the most favourite breed in England; it is smart and elegant dog with great temper. Because of its small growth it is suitable for living in flats but it likes living in nature too. On no account should it live in a yard or in a kennel. This dog is very intelligent and love playing with children but also pensioners will be satisfied with him. Cavalier prefers lying in an armchair or on a bed with its master. It greets guests enthusiastically but it does not bother them. His long, soft fur is easy to keep clean and you can not to go to the hairdresser with him.
Cavaliers are in four variants, black and tan (BT) is a black dog with flamy stains above eyes, on cheeks and on ears, ruby (RU) has got mahogany colour, tricolour is white, brown and black, blenheim (BH) has got mahogany stains on pearl white fur, white stain on its head with red mark – the crown,  which is very appreciated.

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